Liberated Young

In 2017, I withdrew my son from public school. What I anticipated would be temporary solution for the particular challenge of finding the “right” schools for our Black children was the start of journey that would change our family’s lives forever.

You see, like many of you reading this understand, as Black parents we have the layered experience of navigating a system designed for us to fail, and one that is also failing in itself. The “good” schools —read white— aren’t good for us. And the schools with a population that looks like us? Well, if you ever wanted to know little this country cares about Black children and what they think of them, take a look inside an underfunded public school that serves low-income children and children of color.

And that’s without taking a step back to look at conventional schooling itself. Its design of control, conditioning, and conformity.

How We’re Getting Free

Homeschool. Self-directed education. Liberated learning. Taking back control of our and our children’s education. Decentering whiteness. And deschooling ourselves. Liberated Young is about raising free Black children as much as it is about freeing ourselves as the adults journeying with them.

Our Community

“Without community, there is no liberation.” ~ Audre Lorde

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About the Author

Liberated Young is published by me, Tyshia Ingram. Writer, freelance creative, and advocate for the liberation of Black women and families. By day she works as a brand storyteller in beauty, health, and wellness. By night she pens essays on identity, self-directed education, and the business of freelancing. Her words have been featured on Motherly, Vox, Successful Black Parenting, The Startup, and more. Find her managing a blended family of schoolers, unschoolers, and young people whose paths are yet to be discovered in Philadelphia. Learn more about her work at

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